About us

Petro Enertech Joint Stock Company (Petro Enertech) was established in 2010 with years of experience in petrochemical, technological, process industries, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

We offer a balanced and effective organization in which service-oriented and well educated employees by years of experience and knowledge can assist with advice and manufacturing of industrial systems. We offer customers the guarantee of a workable and above all reliable solutions tailored to customer’s requirements.

Service and quality are of high importance. Hence we almost only deliver A-brands. Petro Enertech provides not only its products and services, but also offers its experience and knowledge that add extra values. Petro Enertech gives customers the possibility to focus on its core business.

We are constantly informed of the latest developments in products and marketplace. This also applies for the quality demands that products must have.


MRO Services

We focus on development, maintenance and repair of systems and processes in the oil and gas industry and other relevant industries.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Efficient supply chain management offers many benefits. A well-run supply chain can make a big difference to a company’s profitability and success. However, not many companies have the time to devote the required investments to non-core functions like the supply chain.

At Petro Enertech, we have the resources to assist customers with these mission-critical functions, freeing up customer’s resources towards initiatives that generate profitable growth.

Our SCM concept is based on strong understanding of our customer’s requirements, and we are able to arrange anything from worldwide sourcing, stock management, order tracking through our SAP platform, to material enhancement and finally, distribution. We will be happy to make all the necessary arrangements, as a demonstration of our commitment to customers.

Petro Enertech distinguishes themselves by a personal approach and knowledge of products. Through continuous innovation we are able to think along with our customers and we always offer a solution. The strength is that we dare to think “outside the box”. This often results in custom-made solutions.
We try to give customer a good advice in this tangle of brands and products. Reliability, durability, quality, efficient, service-oriented and innovative are keywords that relate to the brands and also to Petro Enertech.

Safe and reliable equipment ensure a successful exploration and production.