eCAT Inventory Cataloguing Solution

Optimize inventory to bring you more Time & Money …          

Inventory represents a large portion of capital expenditure for companies in the Energy sector. While the opportunity for cutting costs and improving overall operational effectiveness is huge, companies often find it difficult to execute such effort. The challenge is how to standardize materials data, cataloguing, reduce wasted time for parts searching and reduce inventory holdings.

Most organizations are experiencing the same issues:

  • Items duplication resulting in high inventory cost
  • Excessive stock
  • Waste of searching time for parts and difficult to find
  • Dependent on manufacturer monopoly due to lack of generic industrial standards, and often use manufacturers’ parts numbers
  • High procurement cost due to limited supplier options and price comparison
  • Incorrect part identification resulting in procurement delays and impact to operations and maintenance
  • Difficult to share information among Procurement, Logistics, Warehouse, Operations, Maintenance
  • Difficult to share/locate information among Procurement, Logistics, Warehouse, Operations, Maintenance

eCAT Inventory Cataloguing Solution helps you to achieve this and more …

eCAT helps asset intensive organizations establish a standardized foundation of inventory data, material supply chain best practices, business processes to improve procurement, maintenance, operational performance, profitability and increase shareholder value.

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