• What is a composite material?

A composite material is made from two or more components materials with significant different physical or chemical
properties. When combined, it creates a material with characteristics different from the individual components. The
individual components remain separate within the finished structure.

  • What are the benefits of using composites in Oil & Gas industry?

3X ENGINEERING has been using composites solutions for over 25 years. Initially introduced in the aerospace industry,
their efficiency has been proved in various markets including Oil & Gas. The main advantages offered by the
composites are their mechanical properties. Depending on their application, composites are able to offer a robust
solution with a guarantee of up to 20 years. Moreover, their relative low cost enables online repair instead of
replacement, which allows clients to save money.

  • Do you have experience in offshore and subsea repairs?

Yes, our range of services also includes offshore and subsea services. We have developed a complete range of
products dedicated to this specific application (REINFORCEKiT 4D SUBSEA, STOPKiT SUBSEA, ROLLERKiT SUBSEA and
specific tools).
To apply this range of products our technicians and engineers are trained and certified to work offshore.
3X ENGINEERING is used to work offshore and has performed several risers repairs and reinforcements in various
countries. In the last few years, our experience in subsea repair (including deepwater) has been multiplicated thanks
to subsea projects performed successfully in India, Vietnam and Colombia. Applying 3X products in deep water is very
sensitive and needs to be performed with high-qualified staff and high-performance equipments.

  • What is the origin of 3X products?

3X products origin: European Community.

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